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Burning Books, One Word at a Time: A new movement cracks down on 50 years of LGBT culture.

Calpernia Addams on the words tranny, shemale, and other subjects that the ‘online thought police’ wants to ban

Tranny is a dumb word. It has been used negatively. But let’s be clear. Here’s a pearl of wisdom coming from a person who ducked Scud missiles in the first Gulf War. Here’s a word to the wise from someone who has been physically assaulted for being gender-variant. Here’s a tidbit from someone with 20 years of transition in the can: If hearing someone else call themselves a tranny is the worst thing that happens to you all day, you need to suck it up. Seriously.

These words are not yours to control. You do not use them. You do not embody them. You did not create them. And you do not have the right to dictate how other members of our vast, diverse community may use them amongst themselves. I stand against censorship. I stand against the new thought police. I stand for art and self-determination.


Throwback Thursday: Alan Cumming exposes himself on the cover

Fresh off his Tony Award-winning performance in Cabaret, Cumming graced the cover of Out as he transitioned to the big screen. Fifteen years later, he’s back on Broadway in the role that first made him a star.

10 Transgender People Shattering Entertainment’s Glass Ceiling
Expanding the reach of the trans community in Hollywood

The Straight Gay World of Steve Kornacki

The MSNBC anchor and politics wonk will kick your ass at the game show of your choice. But not if he has to fly there.

Coming out was a huge change for Kornacki, but it didn’t change who he is. He’s still that guy you see watching baseball with his buddies in a bar. He’s a sporty prep who loves comedies like Airplane, has musical tastes that skew more Motown than modern and can drop knowledge about Mondale and Hart’s 1984 primary battle as if he hadn’t been 5 years old at the time. This makes Kornacki precisely the type of guy who does not match the reductive image of a guy who’s into other guys.


Photography by Clayton Cubitt